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We train youth and young adults to maximize their full mental and physical potential through proven sports performance training techniques. They will break through mental barriers and physically train to gain explosive strength, quickness, and speed.

Our Proven Approach to Training

Success in any battle, be it mental or physical, demands a comprehensive approach. It is not merely about physical strength but also about having the right comprehension of the game and a resilient mindset. A wise player leverages their knowledge and expertly applies the crucial techniques to dominate their opponent. By embracing a confident and positive attitude, mastering the essential skills, and deeply understanding the game, any individual can achieve their desired outcome. Therefore, it is vital to work on elevating every aspect of oneself, from physical fitness to mental acuity and cultivate all the necessary tools needed to emerge victorious. It is through this well-rounded focus that one can become unbeatable in any situation, always prepared for whatever challenges may come their way.

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Working with Makembreakem sports has truly pushed me pass my limiting mindset. I did not have the confidence I needed to overcome obstacles on the court. I have improved as a player and a person.

Emily Breaux

I watch Sully transform my son into not only a better athlete but a better person. I highly recommend his training program.

Jordan Williams

Very fun and exciting program. Sully is very patient and that is a rare find. Sign up today!

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